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After many years working as a Web Developer and Producer for large and small Web Companies, I decided to build my own business around a different kind of client relationship. It's really very simple: I want my clients to have full control over their websites. That means business owners update their company website whenever marketing demands it; content changes rapidly to reflect a growing business, industry updates, or new products/services; calendars and events modules tell your consumers the latest news; coupons, specials and seasonal work ads are there when you need them, and much more. In short, your website is managed and updated by you and your staff, the people who know your business best.

Your organization's website ideally plays a dynamic role within an integrated marketing plan. For some businesses, this means a website that features daily specials, product updates, or e-commerce, for others it might involve downloadable brochures, email campaigns with newsletters, blogs, bulletin boards to handle FAQs, or other dynamic content options. However you put your website to work, Joomla CMS allows you complete flexibility and control so that your website and your business grow together. Clear, streamlined administrative panels and menus allow you to fully update and edit your website. That means your updates happen when your business needs them not when an expensive maintenance plan says you can have them. You save money and your website keeps pace with your business’s growth and change.

Simple, Honest Business Solutions

At Concerto Designs we’re in the business of creating honest web solutions. We believe that’s good for our business and for yours. So all our contracts include the training you need to manage your new Joomla CMS. It’s a logical system that is as easy to use as basic word processing programs. We take you through it step by step. We work closely with you and your staff to ensure you are comfortable using all your Joomla features. Our goal is to make you independent of us. That’s right, once you are comfortable running your website, you won’t need us. And that’s how we believe it should be. We’ll still be here for questions, we’d love to be here for references, we’re always here creating sites, but you won’t need us to manage yours. You’ll have that under control.